A realtime, roomscale Vive virtual reality environment project, inspired by the "Through You" 360 video directed by Saschka Unseld and Lily Baldwin as part of Jaunt's "Sundance: New Frontiers" initiative. For this project, I recreated one of the key locations from the video in Unreal Engine, enabling Vive users to explore the bedroom scene with a full 6 degrees of freedom and absord the narrative through visual storytelling. I was the 3d Lead on this environment, supported by Derek Kruk and Javier Lazo.

3D modeling and texturing for this scene was done using a combination of Agisoft Photoscan, 3ds Max, ZBrush, Substance Painter, V-Ray, and Unreal Engine 4. 



Using photography captured on set by the directors, we generated a dense point cloud and interpolated 3d mesh using Agisoft photoscan. The resulting mesh was largely incomplete, and would mainly be used as scale reference in the 3d reconstruction which I began using 3ds Max. Almost every part of the room was then remodelled from scratch, in order to have ideal optimized 3d model topolgy and be textured with PBR materials for use in Unreal Engine.


Some of the source photogrammetry geometry was useful as a high-poly base mesh, which I then decimated, resculpted, retopologized, UV mapped and re-projected textures onto for the real-time VR model. The bed was one of the few models which was preserved using this method, whereas more delicate objects such as the fabric macromay were far too noisy in the photogrammetry source capture and had to be fully remodelled.