I was commissioned to generate concept designs for augmented-reality sunglasses for Nike. The brief called for a sculptural design that accomodated all of the electronics components need, while offering a powerful, attractive form that aligns with the Nike brand.

A series of experiments in 3d-printing, exploring the formal and material capabilities offered by this medium, beyond mere prototyping. Several of these designs have received numerous accolades, becoming included in many publications’ ‘Best 3d-Prints of the Year’ lists. 







My winning entry in the ‘Face of Siri’ design competition was intended as a sculptural art piece and cultural commentary, rather than a practical accessory. The androgynous face has a wry, elusive smile suggesting the machine knows something that the user does not. 

Behind Siri's all-knowing gaze, the glow of the iphone screen is visible through the sculpture, and the main buttons are still accessible even when the screen is obscured. The design, when placed over the iphone, forces the user to interact with Siri instead of tapping on the screen to engage commands.












An iPad stand art-piece inspired by the Finnish concept of "Sisu", which roughly translates as "determination" or "grit". The design appears to defy gravity, with the human figure being much smaller than the device he is supporting. 

Through this seemingly intense struggle, the device is forced upright and the design symbolizes the infinite determination each of us is capable of summoning to overcome hardship.












These playful, abstract explorations in sculptural ceramics and jewelry were created to examine the complexity of geometric expression that 3d-printing allows. 

The manufacturing paradigm shift enabled by the medium means that intricate, ornate objects like these no longer require excess human labor to produce. As a result, I have been producing several of these designs and will continue to push the boundaries of technology as new material opportunities become available.